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StealthNet protecting parking structure

Parking Lots and Structures

Birds often find refuge in parking garages and similar structures and create a mess on the cars housed there.

Pigeons roosting on a historic building

Historic Buildings

What makes a historic building symbolic is often its unique architecture or its significance to the culture or history of an area.

Gulls making a mess on a rooftop

Open Spaces

Bird problems in open areas like landfills, parks, rooftops, courtyards, parking lots and agricultural settings are challenging to say the least.

Rooftop HVAC Units

Bird feces and nesting materials can clog ventilation units and worse spread airborne diseases throughout the buildings, threatening the health of the occupants.

Gulls roosting at resort poolside


Hospitality is all about making the customer feel at home. Birds, their nests and droppings present a dirty environment

Airport Bird Control

All airports are vulnerable to the threats, hazards, and nuisances caused by pigeons, gulls, geese, ducks, and other birds.

Medical Facilities

Birds are a perfect mechanism for spreading disease because they travel great distances, harbor over forty types of parasites and can host internally over sixty types of infectious diseases.

High-rise apartment building

High-Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings present an easy target for birds. Not only are they up in the birds’ domain, but they offer multiple stories on which they can roost and nest.


Image is everything. A dirty sign, storefront or walkway presents the wrong image to customers. While protection from birds is important, discreet protection is essential.

Pigeons or Gulls on Streetlights

Pigeons, gulls and other large birds land on lights, causing a mess on the ground, cars and people below.

Birds on HVAC Equipment

Birds, primarily pigeons, roost on top of rooftop units. If they offer shelter underneath they often nest in that protected space.

Pigeons or Gulls on Roofs

Bird, primarily pigeons and gulls, spend significant time on peaked or flat roofs.

Pigeons roosting on a metal building leave stains with their droppings

Pigeons or Larger Birds on Ledges

Pigeons, gulls and even crows love a view, especially if it’s near a food source, so they will spend lots of time relaxing and socializing with the rest of their flock,

Birds Nesting on Protected Ledges

Birds nesting on a ledge with a back wall, and typically a roof overhead

Birds in Protected Nooks

Pigeons and smaller birds nest and roost in small protected features of buildings.

Birds on Parking Lot Ledges

Birds, primarily pigeons, nest on wide, safe ledges commonly found in concrete parking lot structures.

Birds on Billboards

Pigeons primarily nest and roost in the intricate construction features of billboards. The backs of the signs, spaces under walkways; you name it, pigeons have plenty of spots to live.

Large Birds on Railings or Ledge

Ospreys, Hawks, Vultures and other large birds roost and nest on tubes and larger flat surfaces.

Birds on Pipes or Railings

They are there to relax, warm in the sun, socialize and look for food opportunities.

Birds in Trees

A wide variety of bird species loaf, roost and even nest in all types of trees. They create lots of noise and even more waste on cars and the ground below.

Birds Under Loading Docks & In Warehouses

Pigeons, sparrows and starlings roost and nest on beams, ledges, pipes and equipment under the protection of a loading dock or warehouse roof.

Mud Swallows Under Eaves

Mud swallows build nests in inverted corners where a vertical and horizontal surface meet, typically under the soffit of a house.

Birds on or Under Solar Panels

Bird and wildlife spend significant time under and on top of solar panels.

Woodpeckers Drumming/Drilling

Woodpeckers drill holes in houses and buildings that can result in dramatic damage and costly repairs. They drill in wood mostly, but more and more newer building materials like stucco and Dryvit are being damaged by woodpeckers.

Birds and Disease

The general public’s affection toward birds translates into a serious underestimation of the health risks associated with pest birds.

Damage Caused by Birds

Pest birds cause tens of millions of dollars of damage every year to American buildings, machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more.

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