Bird Skip

Bird Barrier America is launching a new bird deterrent, called Bird Skip. Created by the design team of our popular wind-powered Eagle Eye product, Bird Skip provides a solution for flat and slightly angled surfaces.

What Is Bird Skip?
Bird Skip works using two HD composite fiberglass rods that rotate around a central base. The telescopic rods fold into each other for transport and the unit is easy to assemble and install.

Each rod is 5.5 feet in length and fitted with two wind cups. The combined length for this product is 11 feet in size. The central base contains a durable double-bearing assembly, and no electricity is required. Truly eco-friendly!

Where To Use?
Bird Skip is ideal for solar panels, flat rooftops, HVAC units, swimming pool perimeters, skylights, fishing ponds and paved surface areas.

There are three versions to choose from:

  • Wind driven - The cups grab the wind for power
  • Solar Powered - Battery powered motor is charged by a solar panel
  • Building Powered - The motor is plugged into an outlet, and transformed to 12-volts

Both the Solar and 120-volt versions are powered by an electric motor (the same motor in each).

With the solar-powered unit the motor is powered by a solar panel.

With the 120-volt version the motor is powered by plugging it into the building, like charging a phone.

A Bird Skip unit can simply be placed in the middle of a problem area and the rods and motion will do the rest!

Bird Skip

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