Birds in Trees

Bird Activity

A wide variety of bird species loaf, roost and even nest in all types of trees. They create lots of noise and even more waste on cars and the ground below.

Bird Pressure

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Why are birds there?

Birds in trees are as old as nature itself. They love the security they feel, and the shelter from the elements. Backyard birds usually roost at night near their food source.

Bird Control Solutions

The most complete solution is to wrap the tree in StealthNet, but that is expensive and poses many issues in the future. Optical Gel and Tree-Shock are the two best solutions.

Considerations when installing Bird Control

Trees grow, children climb in them. Chose a solution that will work well in the future. For example, Tree-Shock should be adjusted every year or two.

Be Careful

The birds will likely move to other trees in the area.

Bird Control Solutions

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