Woodpeckers Drumming/Drilling

Bird Activity

Woodpeckers drill holes in houses and buildings that can result in dramatic damage and costly repairs. They drill in wood mostly, but more and more newer building materials like stucco and Dryvit are being damaged by woodpeckers.

Why are birds there?

Woodpeckers (all of which are protected) drill into the sides of houses for one of three reasons: 1) Drumming to attract a mate, 2) Drilling to find food (usually insects), 3) Drilling to build a nest or store food.

Bird Control Solutions

The most permanent exclusion comes from StealthNet; it creates an impenetrable barrier, but homeowners are rarely willing to install netting down the side of their homes. Optical Gel has proven to be very effective with one dish above and one below the hole. Scare tactics like Balloon Eyes can be moderately helpful.

Considerations when Selecting Bird Deterrents

The birds typically leave immediately. One should wait a few weeks before repairing woodpecker damage in case they decide to return, which is rare after Optical Gel applications.

Be Careful

They may return the following season. Make sure your customer calls you right away if they do.

Bird Control Solutions

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