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StealthNet® Bird Netting

StealthNet® is the world’s best commercial bird netting product. Bird netting protects property by keeping out pest birds.

Solar Panel Protection

Solar panels are being installed on commercial and residential roofs across America at an ever-increasing rate.

The Defender Vent Guard

Keep pests like birds and squirrels from making a home in exhaust systems.


Gridwire or polyethylene Florescent GridTwine (more visible to birds) can be suspended in various horizontal and vertical patterns to deter large aquatic birds.

Daddi Long Legs on an AC Unit

Daddi Long Legs™

Daddi Long Leg's unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces such as flat roofs or air conditioning units, as well as on street lights and other hard-to-protect areas.

Eagle Eye®

The Eagle Eye is an optical bird scarer that harmlessly deters birds from unwanted areas by making use of light beams reflected from direct sunlight.

Visual Deterrents

Looking to scare birds away for good? Decoy owls and other predators, reflective and holographic devices such as scare tape (not aluminum foil), optical gel, our bright colors of bird scare eye balloons, fly away lasers, and other visual deterrents keep pest birds away.

Audio Deterrents

Matching the noise to the bird’s behavior is key. There are two types of sonic devices: alarm/distress calls and frightening noise.

Smell & Taste Deterrents

Non-toxic smell & taste repellents can be another effective tool when combined with audio and visual products.

Wildlife Control Solutions

Birds aren't the only creatures that can make a mess. Bats, squirrels, rats, mice, oppossums, foxes, skunks and many other animals can wreak havoc on your property.

Bird-Shock® Flex-Track®

This low-profile electrified track conforms to any architectural configuration. Flex-Track curves up and down, and side to side; and the stainless steel braid gently follows the UV-stabilized PVC base without wrinkling.

Optical Gel™

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight, smell and touch.


Bird-Flite® has a polycarbonate base and stainless steel spikes. It is available in three widths, to accommodate varying surfaces. Each section is 1 ft. long.


Dura-Spike are 100% stainless steel and a very cost effective pest bird deterrent. Stainless steel bird spikes stop birds from landing and roosting and are a very effective and humane method of bird control that can prevent pest bird infestation.


Completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can't get a grip and slide right off the ledge.


A spring-tensioned post and wire system designed to create an unstable landing area that discourages pest birds from landing.


Tower Guard deters Gulls, Cormorants, Vultures, Osprey, Hawks and Owls and other large birds. It creates both a visual and physical barrier for railings and flat surfaces.


Gutter point is specifically designed for attachment to the inside lip of rain gutters. For pigeons and larger.


Tree-Shock was designed to have a unique, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. When the bird/animal’s foot touches the positive and negatively-charged wires, it gets a shock that trains them to stay away.


Versatile, easy-to-use anti-perching system. Made of high-grade stainless steel, Bird Coil is perfect for long, narrow, exposed ledges. It is also adaptable to most architectural details.

Mist Net Kits

Finally, Mist Nets that are EASY to set up and take down! Using a mist net to capture birds in a store is already a challenging matter. Your equipment shouldn’t make it harder!

Bird Traps

The use of bird traps is an excellent way to reduce the bird population of most bird species prior to the installation of bird deterrent products.


The innovative design of the Batcone 2 is ideal when a square shape is better suited to the entry port of a bat colony.


OvoControl P is a ready-to-use bait that controls the reproduction of treated birds, causing the population to decline.


Cimi-Shield residues affect the ability of bed bugs to actively walk or move after about 72 hours of exposure.

Hardware & Adhesives

Drive our Lag screws into wood and plastic anchors with this tool that fits into the chuck of your hand drill.

Rat-Out™ Gel

It’s an instant OFF switch for rodent activity. Rat-Out is effective against Rats, mice, squirrels, possums, raccoons & more.

Border Control™

Border Control is a thin, paper-backed glue board that comes in a 60-foot roll. It is easy to carry, simple to deploy, and can fence off crawling insects or mice quickly and easily.

Extension Poles

Multi-purpose, telescopic extension poles are ideal for use with spider web brushes, scrapers, brooms, Gotcha Sprayer Adapter, etc.

Cleaning Supplies

Dried bird droppings will become airborne when disturbed (cleaned). It is important that they are wetted down to eliminate this risk.

Training & Tech Support

Birds are intelligent creatures and can overwhelm a prevention system if it is not used in the correct application.


Multi-purpose, telescopic extension poles are ideal for use with spider web brushes, scrapers, brooms, Gotcha Sprayer Adapter, etc.

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