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1. Cimi-Shield residues affect the ability of bed bugs to actively walk or move after about 72 hours of exposure.

2. Aging of Cimi-Shield residues for 1- to 3-months slightly lowers its speed of kill, however, 83-87% bed bug mortality (by day 14) is still achievable.

3. Although Cimi-Shield is a 25 (b) category natural product that is exempt from EPA registration, it displays very high residual efficacy against bed bugs.

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Ameya D. Gondhalekar; PhD, · Department of Entomology ·  Purdue University

Real Nanotechnology in Action

The World’s First 52 Week Residual Formula
• Shown above are the porous barrel-like containers that store the formula for future introductions.
• Bed bugs disturb these jagged reservoirs and then parish.
Goes Where Bugs Are
• From pillows to teddy bears, use this long-term solution on the most important places.
• An excellent augmentation to heat, freezing or fumigation.
Exempt from EPA Registration Under FIFRA 25(b)
• Cimi-Shield is crib-to-carpet safe.
• Its “mechanical” rather than “chemical” method makes this possible.
• Active Ingredient: Derived from Soybean Oil · 0.78%.


• Knock-Out’s dual-action kills now and stays in place for up to 52 weeks as the longest-lasting residual product available for fabrics and fibers of all types.
• Protect single-action stays in place for 52 weeks and is stored for release upon contact from future bed bug visitors.
• Both kill by removing bed bugs’ waxy outer layer mechanically.
• Both derived from soybean oil as a non-toxic solution that will not harm the environment.
• Completely safe for full contact with infants and pets.
• Fast-acting on pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.
• Odorless & non-staining.
• Travel-friendly.
• Ready-to-use.
• Independently lab tested.
• Meets FIFRA 25(b) guidelines to be “Generally Regarded As Safe”.
• Also Wipes Out Carpet Beetles, Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Millipedes and Centipedes when properly applied.

Knock-Out · Concentrate · 6oz. Yields 1 Gallon

Wipe-out bed bugs in all areas & furnishings immediately and guard bed bug introduction for 365 days. Click below for details.

Protect · Ready-to-Use · Quart & Gallon

Stops future bed bugs on contact and for 365-days with its family-safe barrier guarding against all new bug introduction.

Quart ready-to-use covers 375 sq. ft. Gallon ready-to-use covers 1,800 sq. ft. Click below for details.

Protect · Concentrate · 6oz. Yields 1 Gallon

Cimi-Shield® Protect Guard unaffected areas & furnishings against first-time bed bug introduction for 365 days. It contains just the right amount of active ingredients to ready its porous carriers for all new bed bug introduction.   Click below for details.

1-Gallon Cimi-Shield® Sprayer

Designed to efficiently and easily distribute Cimi-Shield Knock-Out and Protect in the most demanding environments. Trade-tuff and simple to use, our spray unit delivers the volume you need to get the job done fast.
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