Knock-Out Kills Affected Areas    Protect Guards Unaffected areas

Knock-Out & Protect

KILLS Bed Bugs for 52 WEEKS


Here’s how it’s done.

The World’s First 52 Week Residual Formula

Shown above are the porous barrel-like containers that store the formula for future introductions.
Bed bugs disturb these jagged reservoirs and then parish.


Goes Where Bugs Are

From pillows to teddy bears, use this long-term solution on the most important places.
An excellent augmentation to heat, freezing or fumigation.


Exempt from EPA Registration Under FIFRA 25(b)

Cimi-Shield is crib-to-carpet safe.
Its “mechanical” rather than “chemical” method makes this possible.
Active Ingredient: Derived from Soybean Oil · 0.78%.

Details about ready-to-use Cimi-Shield

  • Dual-action – kills now and stays in place as the longest-last residual formula available
  • Extened residual for 52 weeks on soft and hard surfaces
  • Knock-Out kills bed bugs on contact by removing bed bugs’ waxy outer layer
  • Both Knock-Out and Protect leave a residual on fabrics and fibers that will continue killing for up to 52 weeks
  • Derived from soybean oil as a non-toxic solution that will not harm the environment
  • Completely safe for full contact with infants and pets 
  • Fast-acting on pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Odorless
  • Non-staining just like water
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easily sprayed as ready-to-use
  • Independantly lab tested (study available here)
  • Meets FIFRA 25(b) guidelines to be “Generally Regarded As Safe”
  • Also Wipes Out Carpet Beetles, Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Millipedes and Centipedes when properly applied.

 ‘Cimi-Shield® Knock-Out

Kills bed bugs on contact while leaving behind a 365-day family-safe barrier for future bed bug introduction.

Available in quart or gallon ready-to-use sizes.

Cimi-Shield® Protect

Plan ahead by safely shielding unaffected areas & furnishings from first-time bed bug introduction for 365 days.
Protect includes the same long-term 365 day protection from bedbugs as Knock-Out but does not include the powerful ‘kill now’ ingredient.
Available in quart or gallon ready-to-use sizes.

University Study



(download full PDF version here)

Cimi-Shield® Testing Report · August 2018



· Six carpeted arenas utilized (10 gallon enclosures)

· Six (control) untreated carpets in tanks.

· Six Cimi-Shield Knock-Out treated carpets in tanks.

Ameya D. Gondhalekar; PhD, · Department of Entomology ·  Purdue University



After treatment, bed bugs released into carpet at four intervals of:

· Day one, month one, month two & month three.



The Data Shows that at 10 days:

· 20% of bed bugs died in untreated arenas.

· 80% to 100% of bed bugs died in Cimi-Shield arenas.


1. Cimi-Shield residues affect the ability of bed bugs to actively walk or move after about 72 hours of exposure.

2. Aging of Cimi-Shield residues for 1- to 3-months slightly lowers its speed of kill, however, 83-87% bed bug mortality (by day 14) is still achievable.

3. Although Cimi-Shield is a 25 (b) category natural product that is exempt from EPA registration, it displays very high residual efficacy against bed bugs.


These results are in contrast to other published reports that show that natural compound products do not posses residual activity against bed bugs or other insects.



Further Details


Features and BeneFits
  • When applied directly to the pest, adults and nymphs are killed in just a few minutes.
  • 12-Month Residual – When applied to fabrics (including bedding, carpets, furniture, drapes) and cracks &
  • crevices, Cimi-Shield’s residual will kill bed bugs for up to a full year if undisturbed (see data on pg. 8).
  • Cimi-Shield is FIFRA 25 (b), GRAS (generally regarded as safe).
  • No odor, staining properties are the same as water.
  • UV tracer makes it easy to determine where it’s been applied (yields a sparkle under a black light).
  • Cimi-Shield kills mechanically. The waxy outer layer of the bed bug is actually removed. Other techniques generally interfere with metabolic body functions.
  • Evolutionary resistance has made some bugs immune to chemical, non-mechanical killers. There is no known resistance to Cimi-Shield.
  • Other treatments may not kill all of the adults, nymphs and eggs, and don’t leave a residual. Cimi-Shield keeps working well after the application has been made, greatly reducing call-backs. Note: It is only effective long-term on fabrics and fibers, and in cracks and crevices, not hard flat surfaces like tile.


  • Cimi-Shield Knock-Out is ideal for active infestations (12 month residual)
  • Cimi-Shield Protect will prevent future infestations for 12 months
  • Cimi-Shield is delivered as 6 ounces of liquid that mixes with distilled water to make a full gallon.
  • One gallon protects 1,200 square feet of fabric or carpet.
  • Cimi-Shield’s active ingredient is Residulen, derived from soybean oil.
  • Must be used in a new, clean sprayer without a filter. Soap & other pesticide residue will damage the product. • The product has a two-year shelf life (shake vigorously before use).
  • Do not freeze or exceed 140 ĚŠ F.
  • Do not tank mix with other products
Download Full Report Here


How Cimi-Shield Fits the PMP Business


Cimi-Shield is truly unique, and can fit into your business in a variety of different ways:


1. Protect a clean site against future bed bug introduction (Cimi Shield Protect).

Consider hotel and hospital rooms, dormitories, etc. Treat rooms near infestations.


2. Use alone to remove an infestation in a controlled setting like hotel rooms (Cimi Shield Knock- Out).

Charge based on cost of material and labor.


3. Use as a top dressing for heat, cold or other approaches (Cimi Shield Protect).

These treatments work, but there’s nothing to protect against a reinfestation, or if eggs hatch. Include the service into the total proposal, and offer a guarantee. Consider adding a percentage to the total price to cover the Cimi Shield application.


Ideal applications for Cimi-Shield


  • College dormitories
  • Hotel rooms
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Theatres
  • Airliners
  • Busses
  • Trains
  • Single family houses
  • Apartments
  • Cruise ships
  • Retail and dressing rooms
  • Moving vans

Cimi-Shield in the News



Q. Do I need any special equipment?

a. We recommend a simple hand pump type sprayer (like a B&G) that has never been used and will be dedicated only to Cimi-Shield use. Contact with other chemicals or chemical residue will neutralize Cimi-Shield. To prep the sprayer, flush the tank and hose line with distilled water and remove all filters and screens. To clean up, flush with distilled water ONLY. Cimi-Shield is temperature sensitive and needs to be stored in a controlled climate.

Q. Can I tank mix other products such as IGRs with Cimi- Shield?

a. No. Cimi-Shield will be neutralized by the other materials in the tank. Cimi-Shield is very sensitive to contact with other chemicals including soaps, surfactants, IGRs hard water deposits, etc. Mix only with distilled water. It is essential that surfaces to be treated are completely dry before application.

Q. Is Cimi-Shield safe for all surfaces?

a. Cimi-Shield is safe for all surfaces, but not all surfaces are appropriate for treatment. On hard, smooth surfaces, Cimi-Shield has a “tiling” effect which allows the bed bug to walk over treated areas without making essential abdominal contact. Cimi-Shield is designed for textile and crack and crevice treatment and resists vigorous vacuuming for up to 12 months. Laundering and shampooing will remove the application.

Q. What is the prep work required for treatment?

a. Cimi-Shield works best in sites with regular sanitation— hotel rooms, dressing rooms, out patient areas of health care facilities and theaters are just a few examples. As with any bed bug treatment, if clutter accumulates

in front of treated areas, the bugs will settle into the clutter and never reach the treated area. Areas to be treated should be thoroughly vacuumed, then any desired cleaning process (washing, shampooing,etc) and allowed to dry completely. Drapes, furniture, wheel chairs, mattresses etc. need an especially thorough vacuuming before spraying with Cimi-Shield. After treatment, sometimes a white powdery residue will appear. It is harmless and easily wiped away with a dry car mitt (found in auto stores).

Q. I use heat/Cryonite treatments—how does Cimi-Shield fit into my program?

a. Cimi-Shield Protect is the ideal top dressing after a temperature treatment. The non-toxic, odorless residual continues to safeguard your customer for up to 12 months.



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