Mud Swallows Under Eaves

Bird Activity

Mud swallows build nests in inverted corners where a vertical and horizontal surface meet, typically under the soffit of a house.

Bird Pressure

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Why are birds there?

Swallows migrate north in the spring, and return to the same spot where they nested in the prior year. They build sturdy nests from mud. Nests and birds are protected, so they cannot be destroyed until the birds have migrated south.

Bird Control Solutions

Bird Barrier offers three excellent solutions, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, BirdSlide, StealthNet.

Considerations when Choosing Bird Deterrents

The work should be completed well before the birds start to return in the spring.

Be Careful

The birds and nests are protected. They occasionally defeat systems by moving further down the building. The goal should be to exclude them from the shaded areas.

Bird Control Solutions

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