Audio Deterrents

Matching the noise to the bird’s behavior is key. There are two types of sonic devices: alarm/distress calls and frightening noise. Distress call devices mimic the bird’s natural communication sounds. Birds relay information on dangerous situations to the rest of the flock through use of distress cries; these electronic bird repellers broadcast a copy of this distress cry to scare the flock away. Since these sounds are species specific, you must buy the correct distress call for the type of birds you are handling. Irritating noise devices on the other hand, work by making loud, random noises that annoy the flock. Zon canons, air horns, gun shots and simply banging pots and pans together are all examples of frightening noise devices.

For sonic devices to be effective, they should be used in conjunction with visual devices and timed to the bird’s behavior. This means you should wait until the flock is returning to their roosting spot in the late afternoon and then hit them with an overload of noise, distress calls and threatening movement. It may take several days to move the birds. A common mistake is to leave the noise devices constantly on; this allows the bird to realize that the noise is not paired to their behavior and not a threat to them.

BirdXPeller Pro

A programmable electronic repeller that uses a variety of species specific distress signals and predator calls to send a "danger" alert to other birds in the area. All units have on-off and volume control, a "time-off" phase between sounds and a day-night 24 hour switch. Ideal for spot dispersal of flocking birds in small areas. Plugs into 110 volt power outlet. Available in two models.

Bird Gard Pro 2 (110 Volt)

Extreme Ultrasonic System

Bird Gard extra speaker

Timer for Zon Gun

4 ft Tripod for Zon Gun

Zon Scare Gun

A lightweight portable propane-fired cannon emits automatic thunderclaps that deter birds and other nuisance wildlife. The intervals between detonations can be adjusted from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. The Zon Gun operates on LP gas and uses a 'piezo' lighter for ignition, which is good for 100,000 sparks. Each 10kg bottle of propane produces 12-15,000 detonations. Model A is a standard ground mounted unit and Model B is a standard unit on a tripod with propane tank. Standard Model: Fully automatic, ground mounted, simple, practical, effective, rotates 360 degrees. (Propane tank not included.)

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