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Types of Buildings

Airports, Hangars, Terminals

Solve you bird problems in the airline & aviation industry with these great products.

retail big box store

Retail, Big Box, Outdoor Malls

See how we stop birds around small to big box retail, fast food to outdoor mall.

Medical, Campuses, Assisted-Living

Healthcare & assisted living buildings are perfect inside. Our products protect the outside from birds.

HighRise, MDUs, Skyscrapers

See products on common architectural, religious & conservatory exteriors.


Hospitality, Hotels, Resorts

Many products & examples of our products atop hotels & resort destinations like yours.


Distribution, Loading Docks

Birds find trussed overhangs, roll-up doors and other features of warehouse areas good for nesting. We stop them.

historical building

Historic Structures, Banks

See products on common architectural, religious & conservatory exteriors.

Beaches, Marinas, Docks

Showcasing bird protection in yachting, wharfs, docks & shipyards.

Parking Structures, Lots

Stop bird in underground parking, lots, booths & trees that surround your municipal or private vehicle-based business.

animal structure

Kennels, Stables, Farms

Stop birds from soiling & entering your dog shelters, animal control, barns, fisheries, coups & stables.

Structural Hot Spots

Ledges, Edges, Parapets

Birds enjoy structural details. Pigeons can roost on the narrowest edge. Let us show you products that stop them at the edge.

Roofs: Flat to Spanish Tile

Birds can spot details on, under and around roofs that they can use. Let’s get you to the right solution now.

Pipes and Railings

Prevent bird nesting on features like sprinkler pipes or handrails indoors or outdoors.

HVAC: Indoor & Out

Here are examples of keeping your air condition, heating & ducting safe from bird droppings.

Protected Nooks, Gaps

Building vents, gaps and other small openings are nesting sites that are hard to spot yet easy to block. Let us show you how.

Lights: Parking, Utilities

Whether it’s a lot or a structure underground, we have ways to keep any bird out.

Woodpeckers: Trim, Stucco

Woodpeckers can be stopped from damaging your structure or your hearing. We have what it takes.

Solar Panel Protection

A full system designed to cage off the habitable underside of solar panels.

Signs, Billboards

Protect your brand name or other signs with repellents that can’t easily be seen from below.

Open Spaces, Courtyards

See products that keep birds away from large open areas. Courtyards, agriculture, water & industrial facilities.

Trees, Crops, Blueberry

Open space means bird control not directly on structures. Courtyards, agriculture, water & industrial facilities.

Mud Swallows Under Eaves

Do not let mud swallows build nests. Here are tools that will do just that.

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