The Studio Is Open
ProL@bb is a one-of-a-kind modern bird control studio. It offers in-person classes, virtual online classes, and advanced hands-on training from a state-of-the-art interactive learning center to a global audience.


  • Advanced webcast, video podcast and live interactive presentations from the studio.
  • A professionally designed studio offering real-world building facades & structures where students can learn virtually and in-person from technical experts.
  • Specialized exterior multi-use structures for working with industrial installation equipment.
  • Expanded in-person presentation and hands-on facility (studio & outdoor area).
  • Private training sessions crafted to company’s sales goals.
  • Training sessions offered in Spanish & French (other languages available if needed).
Bird Barrier Training


Certification Class

Our 6-hour online course consists of six training modules that will help you become a certified modern bird control installer. You will receive a Bird Barrier America Certified Training certification upon completion of the modules and exam. This course is offered on a monthly basis.

In Person

Carson, CA

Master Certification

This Master Certification class is to help take a Bird Barrier Certified Installer to the next level and truly make them a pro in modern bird control. You will receive a Bird Barrier America Master Certified training certification upon successful completion of this class. This course is offered twice a year.


Custom Schedule

Private Training

Private sessions available in-person and online, custom designed to fit the specific sales goals for your bird control business.

Realistic workable props like tree branches allow for real world bird situations.
Parapet ledges made from actual construction grade materials.
Retractable structures overhead for StealthNet installation training.
Realistic building facades that teach the importance of aesthetic solutions.
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