Birds on or Under Solar Panels

Bird Activity

Bird and wildlife spend significant time under and on top of solar panels.

Bird Pressure

Light to heavy

Why are birds there?

Birds love the shelter provided underneath solar panels, and can deposit significant droppings and nesting materials. Rodents like squirrels also commonly travel under the panels and chew wiring. Birds also can land on top of the panels.

Bird Control Solutions

Professionals typically install Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Kits to keep birds from getting under the panels

Considerations when Selecting Bird Control Products

It is important to do an accurate assessment, counting the numbers of birds and when they are there.

Be Careful

Be careful not to damage or drill holes in the panels, it may void the warranty.

Bird Control Solutions

Other Bird Deterrent Solutions

StealthNet is occasionally used to net over the tops of entire solar panel systems, generally on commercial applications.

Bird Barrier
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