Birds on Pipes or Railings

Bird Activity

Birds of all sizes like to loaf or roost on pipes and railings.

Bird Pressure
Light to heavy

Why are birds there?

They are there to relax, warm in the sun, socialize and look for food opportunities.

Bird Control Solutions

There are several good solutions including Birdwire for pigeons and gulls, Tower-Guard for large species (ospreys, hawks, eagles, vultures, etc.), and Dura-Spike for pigeons and larger birds.

Considerations when Selecting Bird Repellent Products

On railings be sure to consider human interaction first.

Be Careful

If there is a roof overhead (like loading dock or warehouse ceiling), consider StealthNet. Small birds, like sparrows, can land on most of these devices. For them consider exclusion with StealthNet or Bird-Shock Flex-Track.


Bird Control Solutions

Other Bird Deterrent Solutions:

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is often used on balcony railings. Optical Gel has been successfully used on pipes as well. For eagles, ospreys, etc., see Large Birds on Railings and Ledges.

Bird Barrier
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