Large Birds on Railings or Ledge

Bird Activity

Ospreys, Hawks, Vultures and other large birds roost and nest on tubes and larger flat surfaces.

Why are birds there?

These are safe areas for them, and in many cases the structure aids in the construction of the nest.

Bird Control Solutions

Tower-Guard is a wonderful solution for large bird problems. The systems are all long lasting plastic and can be used near sensitive electronic equipment. In some cases Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a perfect solution.

Considerations when Selecting a Bird Deterrent

Large birds are stronger and heavier than most pest birds, so the system must be chosen correctly, placed in the correct position, and secured with strong fasteners, which are provided by Bird Barrier.

Be Careful

Watch the birds’ behavior as soon as the project is installed and make adjustments if necessary.

Bird Control Solutions

Other Bird Deterrent Solutions


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