Pigeons or Gulls on Roofs


Bird Activity

Bird, primarily pigeons and gulls, spend significant time on peaked or flat roofs.

Bird Pressure

Light to medium

Why are birds there?

Birds are social creatures. They typically do not live on roofs, but the do relax there during the day between meals, socializing and digesting.

Bird Control Products

Professionals typically install products that harass or repel the birds, likeĀ Daddi Long LegsĀ orĀ Eagle Eye

Considerations when Selecting Bird Deterrents

It is important to do an accurate assessment, counting the numbers of birds and when they are there.

Be Careful

If birds are nesting on the flat roofs (primarily gulls), consult with your local Fish & Game. The gulls nests are protected, and the gulls may become aggressive as you approach their nests.

Bird Control Products

Other Bird Deterrent Products:

StealthNet or Gridwire

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