Pigeons or Gulls on Streetlights

Bird Activity

PIgeons, gulls and other large birds land on lights, causing a mess on the ground, cars and people below.

Bird Pressure


Why are birds there?

Street lights offer a safe perch to relax and observe food opportunities below.

Bird Control Solutions

The easiest and most effective solution is the Daddi Long Legs; its wavy rods interfere with the birds’ wings so they can’t land. If birds are on the arm holding the light in place, that can be stopped with Bird-Flite or Dura-Spike. Bird-ShockFlex-Track can be used. Optical Gel can also be used to keep them off both the light and the mounting arm.

Considerations when Selecting Bird Control

Consider how maintenance people will change bulbs and service the lights, and don’t drill holes in the tops of lights.

Be Careful

Use caution as most of this work needs to be done from a lift.

Bird Control Solutions

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