Pigeons or Larger Birds on Ledges

Bird Activity

Loafing or roosting, typically not nesting

Bird Pressure

Medium to heavy

Why are birds there?

Pigeons, gulls and even crows love a view, especially if it’s near a food source, so they will spend lots of time relaxing and socializing with the rest of their flock, especially on wider ledges where they are safe from predators. If it’s hot, they are likely to rest on the shaded side of the building. If it’s cold they will look for warmer areas.

Bird Control Solutions

Professionals typically install either Bird-FliteDura-SpikeBird-Shock Flex-Track, or Optical Gel

Considerations when Selecting a Bird Deterrent Solution

Building owners want low visibility and long lasting solutions. At 1/4 in. high, the Bird-Shock Flex-Track is generally the lowest profile option.

Be Careful

If the birds are nesting, only BirdSlide and StealthNet should be considered.

Bird Control Products

Other Bird Deterrent Products:

Bird-CoilBirdwireTower Guard

Bird Barrier
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