Eagle Eye® Reflective Bird Deterrent

The Eagle Eye is an optical bird scarer that harmlessly deters birds from unwanted areas by making use of light beams reflected from direct sunlight. The silent wind powered spinning visual bird deterrent rotates the reflective pyramid sending sunlight and reflective flashes of light around in a menacing pattern. The light spectrum reflected back by the Eagle Eye and Flash Flag disorient birds in flight by limiting their vision significantly. Eagle Eye is an effective bird control product which causes birds to deviate in flight and fly to another destination.

Eagle Eye & Flash Flag Integrated System has evolved from the original "motorized" Eagle Eyes to a family that now includes the "wind-powered" Eagle Eyes and the Flash Flags that flash based on air movement. This system allows for more complete coverage at lower cost. Our technical team can help position the family of products directly on satellite photos.


Eagle Eye Spacing Recommendation Example
Eagle Eye Spacing Recommendation Example – Large Areas

Eagle Eye Motorized Kits

This kit includes a new weatherproof electrical housing, lead wire, straight and bent tube, metal mounting bracket and hardware kit.

Eagle Eye Solar Kits

This kit includes a more powerful solar panel, lead wire, straight and bent tube, metal mounting bracket and hardware kit.

Eagle Eye Wind Powered Kits

This kit comes without the motor and has wind wings mounted on each corner (it spins in teh slightest breeze), straight and bent tube, metal mounting bracket and hardware kit.


The Pro-Peller is a durable, cost-effective unit used to complement the Eagle Eye by extending the effective range and flashing pattern. The unit rotates by means of its double-bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slights of breezes. 

Bird Breezer

Bird Breezer is a highly visible rotating device that deters birds from landing nearby.

Made for Any Location

  • Rooftops
  • Chimneys
  • Parapets
  • Pergolas
  • Louvers
  • Agriculture, to reduce bird-related crop damage

Durable, Long-lasting

  • Made from ABS plastic, ensuring optimal sensitivity, balance, and longevity
  • The four cups rotate on a durable double-bearing assembly
  • A slight breeze is all it needs to work

Bird Breezer has two models to choose from to match the ocular morphology of various species.

  • Use the silver/gold model to deter land birds
  • The red model works for marine birds


These poles can be used to build raised netting systems. The poles can be used to keep the center cable higher (like a tent) or to raise a whole net system above a flat roof, or a roof covered with HVAC equipment. Use this special angle bracket to mount the Eagle Eye system to a roof peak or corner.

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