Eagle Eye® Reflective Bird Deterrent

The Eagle Eye system is an array of devices that harmlessly deters birds from unwanted areas by making use of light beams reflected from direct sunlight.

The Eagle Eye devices rotate to reflect sunlight outward and downward to protect a given airspace from all approach angles. The flashes of light reflected by the Eagle Eye, Pro-Peller, and Bird Breezer devices are designed to mimic a predator hunting in the area, disorienting approaching birds and causing them to divert to a less hostile airspace.

Each Eagle Eye array is custom-designed to provide the maximum protection for its specific environment and target bird. Each device plays a specific role from wide-area optical deterrence to kinetic and sonic deterrence and comes in two different color schemes to match the ocular morphology of the target birds--gold/silver for land birds like pigeons, grackles, and starlings or red for marine birds such as gulls and terns.

When installed per specifications provided by Bird Barrier and Eagle Eye USA, users can expect guaranteed* results! Do not attempt to go at it alone; contact Bird Barrier for a customized, guaranteed layout first!

Eagle Eye Spacing Recommendation Example
Eagle Eye Spacing Recommendation Example – Large Areas

Eagle Eye Primary Units

The Eagle Eye™ harmlessly relocates birds by reflecting beams of filtered sunlight at various angles from a rotating Eagle Eye™ unit. These are the primary units making up the Eagle Eye system and are designed to be used in tandem with the other system components and any physical devices (as necessary) to provide a complete bird control solution.

The system has been extensively tested and used at hundreds of locations in the United States and Canada as well as overseas.

Facilities and situations include resorts, food production facilities, waste treatment plants, correctional facilities, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, tourist attractions, golf courses, outdoor restaurants, and agricultural farms to name but a few.

These units can be powered by building mains (120VAC), solar panel (12VDC), or wind. Each Eagle Eye unit is sold as a kit that includes a flat mounting bracket, hardware pack, straight mounting post, elbow mounting post, and power supply/wiring (solar and mains units). Longer mounting posts and corner mounting brackets are also available separately, see accessories below.

Pro-Peller Units

The Pro-Peller unit consists of two wings with large reflective angles to provide medium-range strobes as well as two faceted cups adding a menacing flashing pattern in all directions. The shorter range of the Pro-Peller is intended to fill in gaps between Eagle Eye units at a lower cost and provide a more chaotic flashing pattern to reinforce the area effect.

The unit is totally wind-driven and no electricity is needed resulting in a low cost, low maintenance, and easy-to-install open-area bird deterring device.

Pro-Peller units may be used independently in smaller-scale scenarios such as residential homes, small parking lots, or areas where primary Eagle Eye units may be a nuisance. Please contact Bird Barrier for more guidance on these situations.

Pro-Peller has two models to choose from to match the ocular morphology of various species.

Bird Breezer

The Bird Breezer unit combines a motion deterrent function with multiple flashing facets and patterns to deter approaching birds from small areas. This unit has an effective radius of up to 20 feet in direct sunlight and is intended to scare birds from favored perching areas with its chaotic flashing and unpredictable motion.

Ideal for residential rooftops, chimneys, pergolas, as well as reducing bird-related damage in home gardens. Simply install the Bird Breezer unit in the area where approaching birds tend to land and the highly visible rotating cups will discourage most birds from landing near the unit..

The Bird Breezer Flash is most effective when installed in direct sunlight and requires only a slight breeze to rotate.

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