Birds on Billboards

Bird Activity

Pigeons primarily nest and roost in the intricate construction features of billboards. The backs of the signs, spaces under walkways; you name it, pigeons have plenty of spots to live.

Why are birds there?Billboards are off the ground away from predators, and have lots of protected areas in which to raise a family.


Netting has historically been used, especially on back-to-back boards, but that solution often causes problems for the sign workers. Billboard companies now prefer BirdSlide, Optical Gel and Dura-Spike.

Considerations when Selecting Bird Control

There can be hundreds of pigeons roosting on an average billboard. It is recommended that the birds are first trapped and relocated. Then the sign should be pressure washed. Lastly the prevention products should be installed and monitored for failures in the early going.

Be Careful

Birds will fight to return. Also, billboards are extremely high and dangerous. Only professionals using fall prevention equipment should be working on them.

Bird Control Solutions

Other Bird Deterrent Solutions


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