Birds in Protected Nooks

Bird Activity

Pigeons and smaller birds nest and roost in small protected features of buildings.

Why are the birds there?

Protected nooks are like custom homes for birds. Small and safe, out of the weather, they are often the birthplace of generations of birds.

Bird Control Solutions

It is best to permanently exclude them with a physical deterrent like StealthNet or BirdSlide. These are impenetrable and will provide years of protections. If those products can’t be used for whatever reason, then Optical Gel is a great solution. Bird-Shock Flex-Track can also work.

Considerations when Installing Bird Control

Clean the site out thoroughly first. Make sure the deterrent product is securely fastened around the entire perimeter, as the birds may try hard to undo the work.

Be Careful

Pay attention to safety, ladders, etc.

Bird Control Solutions

Other Bird Control Solutions


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