Birds on HVAC Equipment

Birds on HVAC Equipment

Bird Activity

Birds, primarily pigeons, roost on top of rooftop units. If they offer shelter underneath they often nest in that protected space.

Bird Pressure

Light to heavy

Why are birds there?

HVAC units are raised up platforms where they feel safe. They may also be warm. The space under the units is warm and dry, ideal for nesting.

Bird Deterrent Solutions:

Professionals typically install Bird Barrier’s Daddi Long Legs on top and screen underneath with Stainless Steel Mesh. Bird Barrier also offers a complete Netting Bracket System.

Considerations when Selecting Bird Control Products

Observe the birds at different times of the day, they may also be on ledges and the roof itself.

Be Careful

Be careful not to damage or drill holes in the HVAC, it may void the warranty.

Solutions with Products

Other Bird Deterrent Solutions: StealthNet is occasionally used to net over the tops of entire solar panel systems, generally on commercial applications.
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