Birds on Parking Lot Ledges

Bird Activity

Birds, primarily pigeons, nest on wide, safe ledges commonly found in concrete parking lot structures.

Why are birds there?

Due to the height above the ground they are safe from predators, they are well out of the weather, and often have wide ledges to build their nests.

Bird Control Solutions

Some professionals use netting and spikes, but the best all round solution is BirdSlide. The angled surface creates an exclusionary solution that is easy to install and cannot be defeated..

Considerations when Selecting Bird Control Products

Find out if the facility needs access to the space under the BirdSlide. If so it should not be glued down, but installed in a way that allows it to be removed.

Be Careful

The birds will likely move to another part of the garage.

Bird Control Solutions

Other Bird Deterrent Solutions

StealthNet is occasionally used to net over the tops of entire solar panel systems, generally on commercial applications.

Bird Barrier
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