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Module 12 – Gulls

Gulls can be a nuisance in coastal areas and create hazardous conditions to low flying aircraft. Large buildup of droppings will lead to structural damage from the uric acid. Boats, streetlights and buildings are just a few of the items damaged from excessive gull droppings. This module quickly goes over some key facts and information you should know about Gulls.

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Solving Roof Returns: Using Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Mesh & Optical Gel

Birds love using roof returns on homes as their own homes. The small, tucked away spaces provide perfect shelter from predators and the elements. Being such a small area, it's hard for homeowners and pest professionals to deal with this problem. One of our resident experts Michael, demonstrates in this short video how to solve this pesky problem.

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5 Things to Know About Pigeons

Getting rid of pigeons on your own isn't easy. These pest birds have an inbred homing instinct that makes them feel attached to their established roosting and nesting sites. Plus, mating pairs can hatch as many as four broods a year, so a small pigeon problem can quickly turn into a disaster. Pigeons will resort to laying eggs on bare surfaces if need be, so getting rid of pigeons isn't as simple as removing their nests. Fortunately, Bird Barrier offers a number of high-quality pigeon control products that can effectively resolve any type of pigeon problem.

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Bird Barrier Gutter-Point Introduction

This is a brief introduction of the Gutter-Point spikes which is part of our Bird-Flite deterrent system.

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Eagle Eye Introduction Video

This video will introduce you to the Eagle Eye: a revolutionary bird control device that scares birds like pigeons, gulls, bats, crows, grackles and starlings away with a visual flash. No noise, just a rotating silver pyramid that reflects sunlight. Easy to install, protects agriculture, buildings, roof-tops, industrial complexes, factories, boats, marinas and much more.


Module 17 – Bird Control for Outdoor Dining

Bird Control in outdoor restaurant areas can be the most challenging areas for PMP's. Bird Barrier explains specific strategies that are based in providing best value, carefully balancing budget vs.expected results.

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New Bird-Shock Flex-Track Connectors

One major improvement over competitive products lies in the design of the corner itself. Instead of being forced to cut accurate 45-degree angles, tracks going into Bird Barrier's new corner are simply end-cut and laid down into the part itself; the top is then snapped into place. Eliminating the need for a special angle is a big time saver. The new Straight Connector features male tabs to connect to lead wire that connects to the power chargers. The Straight Connector can also be attached to the track at any other point where a connection is needed.

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How To Install Bird Barrier Dura-Spike

This video demonstrates the simple and fast installation of Bird Barrier's Dura-Spike all-stainless-steel bird deterrent spikes.

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Bird-Shock Flex-Track Introduction

Cameron Riddell gives a brief overview of our Bird-Shock Flex-Track and how it can be used in various situations to relieve the area of nuisance birds.

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OptiCA by Bird Barrier · A Visual Bird Repellent

The revolutionary bird control product known as Optical Gel in the US has been re-formulated for Canada and has been granted registration exempt status. This product repels all species of birds in a fast and easy application that in most cases is invisible from below.

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Bird Barrier Material Estimator Introduction

This is a brief overview of how to use the Material Estimator for placing orders on


How To Install Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Exclusion Kit

Cameron Riddell demonstrates how to install the new solar panel bird and wildlife exclusion system from Bird Barrier. This simple, non-penetrating system is fast and easy to install, does not void panel warranties, and is endorsed by leading solar energy installation companies

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5 Things to Know About Starlings

Wondering How To Keep Starling Birds Away? You are not alone. European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are one of the worst (and most hated) nuisance birds in the U.S. This non-native, invasive species has spread across rural and urban North America. When starlings are in a flocking phase, thousands of these birds (sometimes called a murmuration) can overwhelm industrial facilities, airports, farms, orchards, parking lots, parks, airports, golf courses, and residential neighborhoods, causing a variety of problems:

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A guide to placement of the Eagle Eye bird deterrent device on buildings

This is a guide to the proper placement of the Eagle Eye bird deterrent device on buildings. It will give you a basic understanding of what to look for when deciding where to put the units and how many to of them will be necessary to cover the target area.


How To Install Tree-Shock from Bird Barrier

New for 2015, Bird Barrier's Tree-Shock system keep pest birds and wildlife out of trees. This short video explains the system and how to install it.

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