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5 Things to Know About Flex-Track

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5 Things to Know About Gulls

Gulls can be a nuisance in coastal areas, particularly at dump sites, piers and harbors. Flocks of Gulls often create hazardous conditions to low flying aircraft. Large buildup of droppings will lead to structural damage from the uric acid. Boats, streetlights and buildings are just a few of the items damaged from excessive gull droppings. Furthermore, their droppings can also pose a health risk.

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5 Things to Know About Daddy Long Legs

Daddi Long Leg's unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces such as flat roofs or air conditioning units, as well as on street lights and other hard-to-protect areas. Here's 5 Things to Know about them!

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5 Things To Know About OptiCA

OptiCA is a our reformulated Optical Gel made specifically for the Canadian market. This multi-sensory bird deterrent that spoofs birds sight, smell, & touch. Watching it function in real-time is quite stunning. OptiCA not only ushers birds off of whatever they might land but denies and seemingly repulses them before they do. Learn 5 key things about the easiest bio-tech solution you'll ever install with OptiCA's Technical Director Michael Gallion.

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5 Things to Know About Tree-Shockâ„¢

Tree-Shock was designed to have a unique, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. When the bird/animal’s foot touches the positive and negatively-charged wires, it gets a shock that trains them to stay away. Michael Gallion goes over how this Humane Society approved shock works to deter all bird and other wildlife species!

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5 Things To Know About Cleanup

Cleaning up bird droppings is THE most important step in removing birds from an area. Our expert Michael quickly goes over what the most important parts of clean up is.

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5 Things to Know About StealthNet®

The world’s best commercial bird netting product StealthNet® bird netting protects property by keeping out pest birds. Strong and durable, StealthNet® bird netting is bird control netting for buildings, balconies, garages, barns, hangars, or other structures. Here's five tips to know about it!

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5 Things To Know About Gridwireâ„¢

Protect lakes, parking lots, warehouse roofs, and more from gulls, geese and other large aquatic birds with our Gridwire system! Learn about this great deterrent from one of our Bird Experts Michael as he runs through five things you need to know about Gridwire!


Modern Bird Control for Crows & Ravens

Solving a pest bird like a Ravens is a complex challenge. Ravens are intelligent birds; it’s easy for them to figure out what is a threat and what isn’t. In this video, we cover the solutions that ACTUALLY work to deter these pesky birds.

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5 Things To Know About Crows & Ravens

To learn more about specific products to deter crows & ravens, sign up for one of our FREE online webcast trainings. Visit to register!

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