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Module 20 – Website & SEO for Bird Control

To maximize sales in the business of bird control it is important to know how to properly gain customers through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Bird Barrier is proud to offer a new live webcast in 2021 co-hosted with a professional web strategy consultant to go over guidelines teaching how to enhance your existing, or build a new website.


Module 8 – Sanitation & Health Risks

Birds present unique health risks most are unaware of. In this session we explore the bird related health risks in detail as well as Sanitation Services you can offer to combat COVID-19. Bird Barrier will discuss about bird droppings, diseases, and PPE / spray equipment we are supplying to PMPs.


Module 24 – Pest Birds on Signage

A recent study came out that showed how important brand image for a store effects consumer's habits. Signage in particular plays a major role in how we decide where to shop. Birds inevitability will make a sign a place of interest for them. This class delves into the deterrents we recommend for signage.


Module 11 – Pigeons

Getting rid of pigeons on your own isn't easy. These pest birds have an inbred homing instinct that makes them feel attached to their established roosting and nesting sites. Plus, mating pairs can hatch as many as four broods a year, so a small pigeon problem can quickly turn into a disaster. Join us for a quick class on the most common bird you'll experience.


Module 15 – Starlings

European Starlings are one of the worst (and most hated) nuisance birds in the U.S. This non-native, invasive species has spread across rural and urban North America. When starlings are in a flocking phase they can overwhelm industrial facilities, airports, farms, orchards, parking lots, parks, airports, golf courses, and residential neighborhoods, causing a variety of problems.


Module 16 – Sparrows

The House Sparrow is the number two urban pest bird. Introduced as a species to North America, the house sparrow quickly spread across the country due to its lack of natural enemies and its adaptive traits. Its ability to nest in urban structures, eat urban scraps and a large breeding capacity are some of these adaptive traits. Learn specific tips and tricks on how to provide the right solutions for your customers with this 30 minute long class.


Module 13 – Woodpeckers

Woodpecker control can be tricky because this species is protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act as well as under state law in many areas. Whether you are a bird control professional or a homeowner grappling with a woodpecker problem we will cover a variety of effective, humane woodpecker repellents and deterrents that will help you get rid of woodpeckers.


Module 14 – Swallows

Swallows can be a nuisance in suburban areas due to their nesting habits. The mud nests damage and deface the outer walls and eaves of residences and office buildings. Keeping in mind that swallows enjoy special protection under the law, this class will go into the different safe and effective methods of solving these common birds.

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Module 12 – Gulls

Gulls can be a nuisance in coastal areas and create hazardous conditions to low flying aircraft. Large buildup of droppings will lead to structural damage from the uric acid. Boats, streetlights and buildings are just a few of the items damaged from excessive gull droppings. This module quickly goes over some key facts and information you should know about Gulls.


Module 17 – Bird Control for Outdoor Dining

Bird Control in outdoor restaurant areas can be the most challenging areas for PMP's. Bird Barrier explains specific strategies that are based in providing best value, carefully balancing budget vs.expected results.

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