Pest Bird Deterrents Systems and Products

Bird deterrents protect property from unwanted birds (including common pests such as woodpeckers, pigeons, geese, and swallows). Deterrents prevent bird damage to buildings, signs, garages, airplane hangars, and other structures. We offer a full line of professional-grade, humane bird control products to deter avian pests. If you have questions about which bird deterrents are right for your site and situation, call the bird control experts at Bird Barrier! We’ll help you choose the best solution for your bird problem.

Products to Deter Birds From Buildings and Roofs

For buildings and roofs, the best bird deterrents are bird exclusion products that physically keep birds off and away. Bird spikes, bird wire, and bird netting effectively and humanely prevent avian pests from landing on building ledges, gutters, siding, window sills, roofs, HVAC equipment, facades, roofs, and other structures.

Audio Visual Deterrents to Keep Birds Away

Scaring devices deter pest birds from coming onto your property by making them see or hear signs of danger. Reflected light, sudden motion, the sound or appearance of a natural danger or predator will deter birds from coming on the property. If used correctly, and in the right situation for the site and species, audio and visual deterrents can frighten birds off the property for good.

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