Solar Panel Protection

How to protect solar panels from birds? This innovative solar panel bird deterrent kit is designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from damage. Solar panels are being installed on commercial and residential roofs across America at an ever-increasing rate. These arrays provide perfect harborage for birds and other critters, and homeowners are desperate for a solution.
  • Patent-pending plastic clips are UV-stable, won’t scratch panels
  • Clips recommended every 18 inches
  • The lips bind the mesh to the panels without drilling holes or damaging the system
  • Nearly invisible from the ground
  • Tin snips and other basic tools required for installation


Solar Panel Kit Installation

Clips attach to the solar panel

Clips thread through the mesh

Washers are added to the threaded clip

Mesh is secured against the solar panel


These kits include PVC coated metal mesh, and enough clips to secure the mesh to the panels.


UV-stable clips are fast and easy to secure, and won't scratch the panels. Clips are recommended every 18 inches.


Black PVC-coated, 19-gauge, 1/2" wire mesh pre-cut Spanish tile inserts allow for quick blocks in the gaps caused when mounting wire mesh around a solar unit. Once the solar mesh is in place, these inserts can be quickly hog-tied into place eliminating the hand-cutting of wire mesh which can leave gaps and consume large amounts of time.

Metal Solar Panel Clips

Building on the success of our plastic clip sets, Bird Barrier now offers metal pins and washers.

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