Solar Panel Protection Overview

“SolarSolar Panels are being installed on commercial and residential roofs across America at an ever-increasing rate. These arrays provide perfect harborage for birds, and homeowners are desperate for a solution.

Get Rid of Birds from Under Solar Panels

This innovative system is designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from their damage. This non-penetrating system is fast and easy to install, and can be removed for service. The wire mesh is supplied in rolls. The preferred technique is to cut it into six-foot lengths and straighten before getting onto the roof. Then, using a 2×4, bend up the bottom inch to about 30 degrees. This kick-out helps to lock the mesh firmly into place

The Solar Panel Bird Control Kit Includes:

  • Patent pending plastic clips are UV stable and won’t scratch panels
  • Clips recommended every 18 inches
  • Patent-pending clips bind the mesh to the panels without drilling holes or damaging the system
  • Nearly invisible from the ground
  • Tin snips and other basic tools required for installation
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