Bird Control Spikes to Deter Pigeons and Other Birds

Bird spikes are a highly effective repellent of pest birds that is virtually invisible from a distance. Our stainless steel bird spikes are a humane solution to problems caused by pigeons, seagulls, doves, and similarly sized birds roosting on signs, gutters, rooftops, ledges, beams, pipes, chimneys, window sills, and other structures.

The metal bird spikes are not sharpened so the tips will not harm birds or installers! Bird control spikes work by stopping pest birds from landing. The blunt spikes keep the pigeon or gull from gaining a foothold. Birds eventually give up and fly away.

At Bird Barrier, we don’t just sell bird spikes—we develop the leading bird spike products in the industry. We put our expertise to work for you, offering durable, economical, and easy-to-install bird spikes.

Which Bird Spikes Do You Need?

Bird Barrier offers three lines of durable, stainless steel bird control spikes to meet your needs. Our stainless steel bird spikes are currently used on thousands of office buildings, factories, airports, garages, signs, homes and other types of structures across the country.


A durable bird proofing spike made from 100% stainless steel.

  • Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel

  • 10-year warranty

  • Comes in 3’ long strips for faster application

  • Flexible material bends to conform to shape of curved ledges, beams, and pipes

  • Base can be cut with snips or shears

  • Comes in narrow (2.5”), wide (5”), and extra wide (8”)

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The industry standard. Durable stainless steel spikes with a Lexan base.

Spikes repel pigeons and similarly sized birds from ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, cut-outs, security cameras, lights, window sills, steel beams, streetlights, boats, and other surfaces.

  • Durable, marine grade stainless steel spikes on a base of UV resistant polycarbonate

  • One of our most popular and easy-to-use bird deterrents

  • Nearly invisible

  • Base can be glued or screwed to any surface

  • Comes in narrow (2.5”), wide (5”), and extra wide (8”)

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This bird proofing spike is specifically designed to protect rain gutters.

Bird feathers and droppings can clog and damage your guttering system. Gutter-Point™ is a bird gutter spike that is specifically designed to keep pest birds off of rain gutters.

  • Thin but durable stainless steel spikes prevent pigeons and other birds from perching on the inside or edge of gutters

  • Attaches by sliding onto the inside lip of rain gutters

  • No tools required for installation

  • Stainless steel bird spikes on a polycarbonate base

  • Gutter-Point™ spikes are easily removed for gutter cleaning

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Stainless Steel Bird Spikes—Durable

We use marine grade, type 304 stainless steel to manufacture our bird spikes. This type of steel includes molybdenum to make this material resist corrosion to chlorides (so any surface you want to keep birds off of that might be exposed to sea water would be protected). Stainless steel Bird-Flite® and Dura-Spike bird spikes are also resistant to oxidation so you don’t have to worry about rust.

When to use Pigeon Spikes

All three types of bird spikes we offer can be used to get rid of pigeons. Pigeon spikes work best in situations of medium or light bird pressure.

Medium pressure: Pigeons often eat nearby and really like this site.

Light pressure: Pigeons hang out here from time to time, but are not really committed.

Do not use bird spikes to repel or deter pigeons from night roosts or nesting sites. Another Bird Barrier product, like StealthNet or BirdSlide will provide better protection.

What to Look for in Seagull Spikes

Seagulls are the number one pest bird in many coastal regions. Bird spikes can help you get rid of gulls from ledges, rooftops, signs and other surfaces.

All gulls (i.e. all birds in the Family Laridae including gulls, terns and skimmers) are protected under the International Migratory Bird Treaty. That means it is illegal to hunt or trap any type of seagull. Seagull spikes, including Bird-Flite®, Dura-Spike™, and Gutter-Point™ are humane and legal means of getting rid of these protected pest birds. However bird spikes should not be used in areas where the seagulls are long established or nesting.

How to Install Bird Control Spikes

Bird Barrier’s anti bird spikes are incredibly easy to install. Both Dura-Spike™ and Bird-Flite® Bird Spikes can be glued or screwed onto any surface. Gutter-Point™ simply slides into place and clips onto the lip of the gutter–no tools required.

Watch the Bird-Flight Installation Video

Watch the Dura-Spike Installation Video

For more information on bird spikes, or expert advice on whether bird spikes are the solution for a specific problem, please call our dedicated customer support staff at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.

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