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Module 16 – Sparrows

The House Sparrow is the number two urban pest bird. Introduced as a species to North America, the house sparrow quickly spread across the country due to its lack of natural enemies and its adaptive traits. Its ability to nest in urban structures, eat urban scraps and a large breeding capacity are some of these adaptive traits. Learn specific tips and tricks on how to provide the right solutions for your customers with this 30 minute long class.

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5 Things to Know About Starlings

Wondering How To Keep Starling Birds Away? You are not alone. European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are one of the worst (and most hated) nuisance birds in the U.S. This non-native, invasive species has spread across rural and urban North America. When starlings are in a flocking phase, thousands of these birds (sometimes called a murmuration) can overwhelm industrial facilities, airports, farms, orchards, parking lots, parks, airports, golf courses, and residential neighborhoods, causing a variety of problems:


How To Use The Sparrow Trap Door from Bird Barrier

Cameron Riddell shows how to set up, prebait, and use the Sparrow Trap Door system. Also featured is the breakthrough audio lure which is proven to help capture more birds more quickly!

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Sparrow Trap Door In Action

The trap that doesn't look, or function, like a normal trap. The "Trap Door" was designed specifically to provide a discrete, gentle, hygenic, and cost-effective way to get small birds out of buildings. When set, the "Trap Door" is simply a welcoming platform with food. Birds stand on the platform eating happily until they press down on the perch. Suddenly, the floor gives way under them and they fall inside the ventilated box with a lid positioned securely above. To release the bird outside simply open the "Trap Door" lid and it will fly out.

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