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Optical Gel Manhattan Beach Pier Roof Video

Optical Gel installed in a weekend (with preplanning, of course). The main question we get is, "how long will it last?" This install proves that we're confident in not only installing it in direct sunlight but within the harsh environment of the ocean. Yews, there are harsher spots on the globe. We're there, too. Perhaps not Death Valley. But if we were, we're confident that only thew glue would be to be made sure to last through those scorching summer blasts. Enjoy this show-off video if you're i the market for the most modern, invisible from below and the easiest bird control product to install. It's Optical Gel, fasho.

Product Highlights

Bird-Shock Flex-Track On Skyscraper

Cameron Riddell shows how one luxury apartment complex in Miami, Florida used Flex-Track to solve their problem with turkey vultures.

Product Highlights

Sparrow Trap Door In Action

The trap that doesn't look, or function, like a normal trap. The "Trap Door" was designed specifically to provide a discrete, gentle, hygenic, and cost-effective way to get small birds out of buildings. When set, the "Trap Door" is simply a welcoming platform with food. Birds stand on the platform eating happily until they press down on the perch. Suddenly, the floor gives way under them and they fall inside the ventilated box with a lid positioned securely above. To release the bird outside simply open the "Trap Door" lid and it will fly out.

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