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Modern Bird Control for Crows & Ravens

Solving a pest bird like a Ravens is a complex challenge. Ravens are intelligent birds; it’s easy for them to figure out what is a threat and what isn’t. In this video, we cover the solutions that ACTUALLY work to deter these pesky birds.

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Introducing the Optical Gel STIQ: For a Faster And Mess-Free Installation.

Bird Barrier's STIQ for Optical Gel makes working with Optical Gel faster and mess-free. STIQ allows one to handle each Optical Gel disk easier with the lid on and even better, with the lid off and gel exposed.

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Optical Gel Manhattan Beach Pier Roof Video

Optical Gel installed in a weekend (with preplanning, of course). The main question we get is, "how long will it last?" This install proves that we're confident in not only installing it in direct sunlight but within the harsh environment of the ocean. Yews, there are harsher spots on the globe. We're there, too. Perhaps not Death Valley. But if we were, we're confident that only thew glue would be to be made sure to last through those scorching summer blasts. Enjoy this show-off video if you're i the market for the most modern, invisible from below and the easiest bird control product to install. It's Optical Gel, fasho.

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Optical Gel White Paper Efficacy Study

Organic Multi-Sensory Technology Disk This video shares a new 4-year University of Pisa study showing a 100% efficacy rate while using the multi-sensory technology disk called Optical Gel. Due to these results, Bird Barrier now offers a 2-year guarantee on the product Optical Gel.

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5 Things To Know About Optical Gel™

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird deterrent that spoofs birds sight, smell, & touch. Watching it function in real-time is quite stunning. Optical Gel not only ushers birds off of whatever they might land but denies and seemingly repulses them before they do. Learn 5 key things about the easiest bio-tech solution you'll ever install with Optical Gel's Technical Director Michael Gallion.

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Solving Roof Returns: Using Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Mesh & Optical Gel

Birds love using roof returns on homes as their own homes. The small, tucked away spaces provide perfect shelter from predators and the elements. Being such a small area, it's hard for homeowners and pest professionals to deal with this problem. One of our resident experts Michael, demonstrates in this short video how to solve this pesky problem.

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