How it Works
Tower Guard deters Gulls, Cormorants, Vultures, Osprey, Hawks and Owls and other large birds. It creates both a visual and physical barrier for railings and flat surfaces. Birds are looking for a low "cost of energy" perch that is easy and safe. As they view the Guard, they see that it takes away the perch and it is too small and unstable to land on. 

By pulling a simple pin, the posts can be easily removed from the bases. This allows for maintenance on antennas and railing where access is important. 

Made from the same plastic that the telecom industry uses for its outdoor boxes. It's well documented to withstand UV degradation for many years. 

Non-Metal Options
For sensitive applications (radar and radio sites), the Tower Guard system can be installed without metal parts. Use the polyester cord (not the metal Birdwire), and replace the Post Locking Pin with a short length of polyester cord, knotted as shown on the opposite page.


TowerGuard Mounting Options

TowerGuard V Base Secured on a Railing

The V Base can fit on a round or square railing. These can be attached with plastic cable ties, metal hose clamps or with nails/screws on a wood structure.

TowerGuard Round/Flat Base

The Round/Flat Base can be placed on beams with magnets, metal parapets with a washer and adhesive, and on wood with nails or screws.