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Selling Bird Control

The Business of Bird Control

During the latter half of the '90s, bird control became a commonly offered service by pest control companies, building maintenance companies, contractors and even Bird Control companies (those that do nothing else). While still a long way from roofing or plumbing, bird control is becoming more common all the time.

Building Owners Need Help with Bird Control

Birds wreak havoc on buildings all across America. Their droppings and nesting materials have been an eyesore, and health risk, for years. You can learn more about damage and diseases by visiting Why Solve Bird Problems.

Thanks to increased publicity on the dangers of birds around buildings, and more promotions by companies offering bird control, building owners are warming up to paying for solutions. They typically ask their pest control operator, building maintenance company or a contractor for help. Those companies trained in the art of bird control can help, while others obviously can't, and risk upsetting a customer in the process.

True to the spirit of entrepreneurism, savvy businessmen across America have started offering bird control to their customers, and using it as a way to grow their businesses. In fact, Bird Barrier's Technical Training Classes have helped more than 1,000 companies succeed in the market.

How to Make Money in Bird Control

Bird control companies are selling a solution to building owners' problems; relocation of the birds, their droppings and nesting materials. Generally there are three phases of an actual job (after the customer agrees to proceed):
  1. Dispersal of birds (only in extremely heavy pressure sites)
  2. Clean-up of the site
  3. Installation of bird deterrent products (like Bird Barrier products)

Significant revenue can be generated from each of the above offerings.

How to Succeed in Bird Control

Bird control is part construction (installation of products) and part wildlife/pest control (understanding what products will make the birds leave permanently). Underestimating the commitment of the birds to return home will almost always result in failure and an unhappy customer. Operators who learn how to sell the customer on the job, properly evaluate the site, clean and sanitize the site, and install the proper products, will succeed in this lucrative field.

What you need to succeed in Bird Control

  • Commitment to this new opportunity - Pure and simple, you must decide that is will add value to your business
  • Customer base - Building owners and managers who care about the well-being of their investment, customers and employees
  • Qualified employees - People who can properly execute on the company's promise to the customer. Ideal employees are part construction worker, salesperson, designer, high-level worker and courteous company representative.

Getting Started with Bird Control

It is not particularly expensive to get started. In fact many operators don't invest anything until they've actually sold their first job. Please feel free to Contact Bird Barrier for any assistance (we'll even help quote jobs from photographs, plans or over the phone). And please refer to Tools to Succeed for resources offered to help you grow your business.

Getting Started with Bird Barrier

Start by allowing us to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached 8AM-8PM Eastern time at 800-503-5444.