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Product Advisor


Find the perfect product in three steps.

Clicking here takes you to Product Advisor to filter back the best product solution among our vast line by selecting three parameters.

1. Select the bird type.

2. What the bird is doing.

3. Where they are doing it.

Click here to give it a try.

Now the most effective product solutions will

pop up so you can go right to the product

page for details.

Quick Quote

Get a basic quote back instantly.

Logging in to Quick Quote lets you get a feel on how much the project may cost and whether the customer is able to make the investment. You get the numbers back instantly and can save the estimates for future use.

~ Michael Gallion · BB

Once logged in, this is what’s filled out:

• Name your project.

• Where the problem is located.

• The product you found in Product Advisor.

• Rough length/width of the area to be protected.

• Eyeball the complexity (Easy to Hard).

• Cleaning cost (if needed).

• Lift rental (if needed).

• Your hourly rate.

• Press “Calculate”

Click here to give it a try.

Instantly have numbers* that will help finalize a deal with the customer. Share it with them, if you like, through email or in person.

*Quick Quote displays a price range, not a final quotation. Your next step would be conducting a thorough inspection, measure accurately, create a materials list, and assess the costs of labor, cleaning, lift rental and other variables.

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