Eagle Eye® Product Specifications

CSI Division: 10296
Bird Barrier Eagle Eye


Bird Barrier America, Inc. manufactures the patented Bird-Flite from high-grade stainless steel and ultra-violet stabilized polycarbonate.

Electrical Data

Voltage: 12Vdc
Rotation: 30-40 RPM
Power: .4W

The Reflector

Manufactured from durable ABS plastic and coated with a highly reflective coating to reflect light while a bsorbing very little ultra violet (patent pending). The reflector has multiple reflecting angles that ensures a greater coverage as well as an irregular flashing pattern (patent pending).
The design and construction of the reflector makes it resistant to damage from projectiles.

Electrical Motor

Rotation is obtained from a 12V DC geared motor. The motor uses very little power, less than 0.4W. All the electrical connections are protected inside the water-tight enclosure of the reflector.


Manufactured of from durable ABS plastic, aluminum pipe, and 3/4″ EMT ensures years of corrosion free operation. The brackets are designed to easily accommodate different installation configurations.

Solar Power

Complete solar power systems can be used for applications where other power supplies are difficult or not cost effective. It can be mounted on flat surfaces, a pole or stand alone on a bracket. A resistor and small 12V battery are suggested to use in conjunction with this.

Plug-In Power

A 110V transformer to 12Vdc adaptor is easily used.

Short Specification

Eagle Eye® optical electric bird control system

12V DC geared motor 0.4W

A multi-angle reflector made from ABS plastic and coated with a highly reflective low ultra violet absorbing surface.

Eagle Eye Diagram

Where to Use

Open, exposed areas where bird populations can not be controlled with mechanical means; parking lots, roof-tops, warehouse doors, building facades,
agricultural settings, public areas, etc.

Target Bird

more effective on larger birds, swallows, pigeons, and larger, less effective on smaller birds, sparrows and finches.

Bird Pressure

Light-Medium Pressure: birds take-it-or-leave-it sites, and unprotected sites with some food and water available.


Installation is simple, the important step is determining the best placement for the device.

Eagle Eye Placement

IMPORTANT NOTE: Eagle Eye efficacy has been good on larger birds, reducing the population all bird species to a fraction of the original number. Sparrows are very agile and a reduction has been evident but not as effective as with larger birds. Sparrow will dart into the airspace near Eagle Eyes to snatch food and then leave the airspace. Given the nature of most open spaces, it is not possible to eliminate all birds from the target area. Eagle Eye is not as effective on stationary birds (on buildings or the ground) although many birds depart after a while due to the continuous irritation caused by the light beams. Eagle Eyes work by disorienting birds in flight, causing them to want to leave the area. Birds are persistent and some small number will fight to stay there, especially while they have nests and food in the area. An Eagle Eye solution is best contemplated when the problem is a number of birds in the area in random places. If specific perches or nesting areas are evident those areas should be protected with additional deterrent products. Eagle Eyes work best when installed in
conjunction with structural deterrents in the most active perches and roosts. In many cases the installation of Eagle Eyes will allow the installation of fewer structural deterrents and lower the overall cost of the bird control project. Eagle Eye’s success rate increases dramatically by trapping resident birds and cleaning the site thoroughly.

  Product Specifications

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