Visual Deterrents

Visual Deterrents

Scare devices are easily dismissed by many people because of the constant reminders of how ineffectual they can be against birds (Everyone has seen the famous plastic owl covered in feces with a pigeon on its head). This is a prime example of how bird control products are tools, dependent on being used in right way and in the right situation for success. Scare devices are very specific tools useful in certain situations. These products by themselves can not be a substitute for exclusion in high pressure areas (attractive habit and abundant food and water).

The goal of these devices is to make the birds feel too uncomfortable to remain at a site. Therefore, the bird control professional must use these products to create fear in the birds so that the noise and visual distractions overwhelm their attraction to the site (food, water, viewpoint or protection from the elements). This can range from easy (a flock of starlings) to hard (a woodpecker in established territory). Remember, since established birds fight much harder to stay at a site than newcomers, scare tactics should be used as soon as possible against birds moving into a new site. As always, it helps to try to remove all food and water sources in the area that may heighten the birds’ dedication to the site.

  1. $88.85 - $135.85
    Scare Owls
    Non-moving plastic owls are ineffective, that's why we developed this rotating, screeching owl. Four predator/scare sounds are programmed: birds in distress, predator attack cries, and wing beats. The rotating base mounts easily to any flat surface, and spins in the wind. A photo cell activates the sounds during daylight hours only. Sold one per package.
  2. $34.00
    The Intimidator

    The Intimidator is a professional grade avian deterrent which uses motion and bright flashing to scare away woodpeckers and other birds from unwanted areas. Woodpeckers can cause serious damage to homes and other buildings. This deterrent is lightweight and needs very little air current to create a dynamic visual effect that frightens birds. It mounts easily to any wood surface with a single screw. Must be mounted so as to reflect flashes onto the side of the structure. Most structures require multiple units to protect all sides.

  3. $8.40
    Scare Eye Balloons

    The bright color, large eyes and hanging reflective streamers on this 2 ft. balloon are threatening to birds; they think they're being watched by a predator. Sold one per package.

  4. $496.40 - $721.05
    Fly Away Lasers

    You have probably known for a few years now that lasers are highly effective tools to solve bird problems. The problem was that lasers powerful enough to do the job cost too much.

  5. $95.00 - $750.00
    Optical Gel

    Bird Barrier Optical Gel™ may be used to deter feral pigeons, gulls, and many other unwanted birds from roosting on buildings and other structures. Bird Barrier Optical Gel is supplied in ready-to-use plastic-dish containers. These should be affixed to surfaces with commercially available silicone adhesive or other suitable and removable adhesive.

  6. $99.30
    Goose Guard Kit (ea)
    Nobody likes a dead goose, especially live geese. A lifelike decoy placed in "agony" position convinces geese there is a predator in the area. Can be used on land and in water. Minimum of two decoys must be used. Sold two per kit.
  7. $8.40 - $15.70
    Holographic Guardian Owl (ea)

    University-tested with positive results for bird control.  The bright flash of the unique holographic/iradescent feather pattern, large eyes, and movement deters the most persistent bird from destroying personal property.

  8. $4.20
    Holographic Repel Strips (2in x 25ft)

    The 2"-wide film flutters, flashes, and crackles with the slightest breeze. Great for repelling birds from orchards, crops, gardens, boats, docks, barns, and homes.

  9. $9.40
    Octopus (ea)
    Scare eyes combined with long mylar streamers flash brilliantly in sunlight and signal danger to birds causing them to leave the immediate area. Sold one per package.