Bird Barrier Optical Gel™ (24 pk)

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So simple for us. So difficult for the birds.

Optical Gel glues into place, most often with silicone, which means it can be placed nearly anywhere.

Why Use the Glue-On Version?

1. VERSATILITY · Projects often pose unforeseen structural or clever bird habitation that requires thoughtful placement of these disks to guarantee abatement. The neutral stance of our glued version is ready for anything.

2. PRICE · Our glued-down version is the cheapest of all routes per unit. However, there are a few ways of looking at this comparison between this version to the magnetic or zip-tied based versions. If these two alternate choices can be used in your project but cost holds you back, remember the price of silicone should weigh in on your comparison. And then there’s time.

3. NECESSITY · Overall, many disks won’t be attached to metal or to structure that a zip-tie would find good grip. So, glue them down is the way to do it. Do note that using a removable adhesive such as silicone is suggested. Building owners often know that external installations tend to diminish the appearance of their build over time. Silicone helps keep things looking great.

How To Glue Them

Plan your pattern first.

PLACE · Once the area is ready and without glue, place the disks into the pattern that follows our guidelines.

LIFT, FLIP & DOLLOP · With silicone in hand, remove the lid, flip the disk and apply an appropriate amount of silicone to the base. We often over-apply here so do remember that on smooth surfaces, sometimes less is more. We want your material costs to be as low as can be.

RE-PLACE · Put that single disk down from where exactly it came. Of course a little rotation to embed the silicone into the structure is an intuitive action and is great. But please avoid sliding the disk around. The reason we’ve pre-placed the disks is to avoid moving them once glued. Refine your position ahead of time.

Where To Glue Them

Every bird type has their habits.

Follow our bird-specific guides to make the placement of Optical Gel impenetrable.

Pigeons, Crows, Starlings, etc. fall under General placement.
Woodpeckers have small sound hols and nesting holes.
Gulls through their weight around by trying to rip away the disks. We’ve got them handled.
Mud Swallows love home-base. Our patterning spells eviction.

Please click here to view the guidelines.

Here are a few places to use these. Of course there are many more. So, glue them:

  • where birds temporarily loaf
  • when nesting occurs (follow bird-specific guidelines)
  • where groups of birds congregate
  • deep into tight areas
  • onto movable bases to be placed when away
  • to sensitive equipment
  • in attractive patterns directly onto skylights
  • atop lights and other tall perching spots
  • not just to edges but to large areas
  • around woodpecker holes
  • and the list goes on…

The easiest bio-tech solution you’ll ever install.

It’s natural and safe for us, and yes…even for the birds.

Unmatched Performance When Combined in Three Key Areas

1. INVISIBLE · Bird control products that cannot be seen once installed is a goal we all desire. From below, Optical Gel is out of sight.

2. EASY · Undetectability often means complexity in installation. Optical Gel does not trade this off. It’s easy to install. Dare we say almost fun. Choose between glued (this version), magnetic or zip-tied options to make sure it stays put.

3. JAW-DROPPINGINGLY EFFECTIVE · And finally, the modernity of this barrier is how well it works. Watching it function in real-time is quite stunning. Optical Gel not only ushers birds off of whatever they might land but denies and seemingly repulses them before they do. Watch a one minute of video of highlights or a four-minute detailed video here.

Optical Gel is supplied in 24 ready-to-use 2.5″ x .25″ plastic dish containers with reusable lids included. 

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