Optical Gel

Optical Gel is offered in a 24-pack for small jobs, and the 200-pack Contractor Box.

The 24-pack will cover 12-16 feet, single row in a straight line for ledges up to 6 inches wide. The disks should be no further than 6 inches apart, measured center to center. If the surface is wider, like a rectangle or a square, multiple rows will be required. The 24-pack is generally used on residential projects. Often two or more boxes are recommended depending on the scope of the work.

The 200-pack will cover a much larger surface area. You can protect up to 80 square feet with 200 disks. These are generally used on commercial projects.

Optical Gel is guaranteed for two years when installed as specified by Bird Barrier America, Inc. The site shall be cleaned thoroughly with Bird Barrier Dissolve-It, glued down with White Lightning Silicone or Bird Barrier Bond, and spaced no more than 6 inches center to center. Warranty claims must be accompanied by photographs of the installed products.

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