Safety & High Rise Gear

Worker safety at a bird proofing project must always be the number one concern. In fact, there are several local, state and federal regulations that can apply when working on a bird project. The goal of these laws and also of your company’s worker safety program is to prevent serious injury at the work site. These laws are created and enforced by the Occupational, Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Most OSHA regulations are created at the federal level, but some states add additional regulations with enforcement occurring at both the state and federal level.

Since there is extensive regulation when it comes to workplace safety, this manual covers only the basic principle of the law where it pertains to bird exclusion work. Actual text of the relevant OSHA regulations is included and summarized in this chapter, but it is important to refer to the original language of the law or contact OSHA directly for specific questions or situations.

In bird control, the main focus is fall prevention. Many, if not most bird control projects involve working on roofs, overhangs and high ledges. In situations like these a fall protection system must be in place to protect the worker from an accidental fall. There are three parts to implementing a complete fall protection system: determining if fall protection is needed, installing the fall protection system, and insuring worker’s use of the system through training and education.

Safety Cone Barricades

Protect your job site with these eye-catching cones. Bright yellow chain attaches easily from cone to cone. The best defense from accidents is a good offense.



Descenders allow the operator to slowly descend down a properly anchored rope in a controlled manner.


Safety Accessories:

Rope Grabs

Rope Graps are a critical piece of the safety equation. They are locked to an independently anchored rope and then attached directly to the worker's safety harness via a lanyard.


Sky Genie Descent Line

KMIII 7/16 in Safety Rope

7/16" 300 ft Rope. Continuous filament polyester core braided over a nylon core, white with a blue tracer. Tensile strength: 1/2"-8,200 lbs., 7/16"-7,500 lbs. Used for descenders and rope grabs. Improved abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. Low stretch, non-rotating and easy to knot with low moisture absorption. Flexible and durable enough for use with many descent devices and rope grabs.

Safety Core 1/2 in. Safety Rope

1/2" 300 ft Braided Rope. Blue colored nylon core with a polyester and polypropylene white cover provides easy detection of abrasions and wear. Tensile strength: 6,500 lbs. Used for Descenders and Rope Grabs. Very resistant to abrasion. Colored nylon core quickly exposes wear and abrasion. Non-rotating constrution cannot be backturned or hockled. Soft and flexible yet extremely durable.

KMIII 5/8 in. Safety Rope w/Eye Loop

Sky Genie 18 in. Rope Protector

Sky Genie Tote Bag

PMI Rope Bag


Gemtor Shock-Absorbing Lanyards

Conforms to OSHA requirements for fall arrest when used in conjunction with a conforming body harness. Built-in energy-absorbing feature. Two forged double locking snap hooks

Sky Genie 6 ft. Shock-Absorbing Lanyard

Sky Genie 3 ft. Double Shock-Absorbing Lanyard


Sky Genie VersaLite Harness

Fall Prevention Harnesses are key to the safety of access workers. When sized and worn properly (as well as being attached to approved systems), they will break the fall of the worker and save his life. OSHA requires that workers wear full body harnesses, and that they are regularly inspected and replaced; a worn-out harness may fail when it is needed the most. For more details contact your local OSHA office.

Sky Genie 252 Harness

Gemtor Harness w/Side D Rings

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