OvoControl Installation Instructions

Got too many pigeons? Need an abatement program? Don’t know where to start? OvoControl is easy — just administer pigeon kibbles once a day and watch the population decline.

OvoControl, “birth control for birds”, is a ready-to-use bait that interferes with the reproduction of treated birds, causing the population to decline through attrition. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger areas without having to resort to poisons and their associated risks.

The basic steps required for planning an OvoControl program include the following:

  • Estimate how many pigeons you have to get an idea of how much bait you will need to get started. With a larger number of pigeons, please use the convenient spreadsheet to estimate monthly requirements.
  • Based on pigeon numbers, decide how many Automatic Feeder Kits the site will require. Each feeder accommodates approximately 150 pigeons and works best on a flat, elevated surface.
  • Begin “conditioning” the pigeons with pre-bait, cracked corn, dispensed daily at a rate of 1 lb./80 birds/day. Once the birds are conditioned and arrive predictably at the feeder each morning, transition from cracked corn to OvoControl. Monitor flock size and adjust the application rate periodically to accommodate the birds.


OvoControl Fact Sheet (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Download the Cost Calculator Worksheet (.xls)

Download the Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Top 24 Questions for PCOs (PDF)


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