Mist Net Kit Installation Instructions

Step 1

Open the mist net package and lay the net flat on floor.

With the net laying flat, carefully lift each support line and lift the net slightly over the panel above it to form pockets that will be used to capture birds.

Step 2

With the net in place, thread the 55” net pole through the loops on each end of the net. Be careful not to move the support lines too far out of place. Space the loops evenly along the length of the pole.

With the loops in place, carefully secure them to the net pole with duct tape.

Step 3

Attach the appropriate head (magnet or hook) to the end of each net pole top by screwing them onto the threaded tip.

Step 4

Insert the threaded tip of each extension pole into the collared receiver at the bottom of the net pole. Twist the extension pole to screw it onto the net pole. Tighten the collar to lock the parts firmly in place. Make sure the collar is unscrewed all the way before screwing the pole into it.

Step 5

With one person on each end, carefully lift the extension poles and walk the net assembly to the target area. Once in the correct area, lift the extension pole and attach the tip to a rafter or other structure. Or use the hooks provided in the kit if the magnetic adapter is not appropriate. FOR SAFETY: DO NOT LEAVE THE HANGING NET ASSEMBLY UNATTENDED.

Use the fibreglass chase pole and pen laser to chase the target birds towards the mist net.

Once a bird has been captured, the net must be taken down immediately and the bird removed while it is still alive. Remove the bird and transfer it to a holding cage for safe release later.

Step 6

To remove the net, each operator should detach it from the structure and walk the assembly back to the staging area for disassembly.

Loosen the collar at the bottom of each short net pole and unscrew them from the extension poles.

Carefully lay the mist net flat on the included plastic sheet, making sure the net lays entirely on the sheet, then roll the net and sheet together around one of the poles.
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