How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

Woodpecker Damage to Residential Wood Siding
Woodpecker Damage to Wood Door Jamb and Window Frame
Woodpecker Damage to Stucco Siding
Woodpeckers are a protected species, and therefore any control technique cannot hurt or kill a bird. Luckily woodpeckers can be repelled with an assortment of different solutions all available from Bird Barrier. Woodpeckers typically drum on the side of a wooden structure for one of the following reasons:
  1. The drumming sound is used to attract a mate.
  2. They are digging a hole to build a nest in.
  3. They are digging a hole looking for wood boring insects to eat.
They typically only drum during certain seasons, so temporary solutions can be considered. Woodpeckers will generally respond to either visual or physical repellent products.

StealthNet Bird Netting is the Most Effective Solution

While most homeowners don’t want netting installed from roof edge to the ground, this is the most effective way to guarantee that woodpeckers will not be able to make contact with the structure. This solution should be considered if the others don’t solve the problem.

Optical Gel Multi-Sensory Bird Deterrent is a Great Solution

This remarkable product repels birds based on its smell and visual qualities. It smells like peppermint, which birds hate. And because birds see ultraviolet light that humans don’t, it also appears to the birds as some sort of flame or smoke. The result is that they avoid it when it is placed above and below the hole. They also appear to leave the entire house when all of their holes are treated in this manner. Once the birds have been gone for a few months the holes can be filled and repainted.

Visual Deterrents Usually Work

These products should be hung from overhangs so they are as close as possible to where the drilling is taking place.


Learn more about the Woodpecker species.

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