Daddi Long Legs Installation Instructions

Daddi Long Legs is a clever device consisting of stainless steel rods which extend from a Delrin base. It rotates in the breeze interfering with the birds ability to land. Because Daddi Long Legs is a low-visibility product, many cities and shopping malls have made this their product of choice for their street lights and air conditioning units.

Daddi Long Legs can be used to keep pigeons and larger birds from landing on light pressured flat surfaces, street lights, steel tanks and air conditioning units. The rods hang over the edges of the surface so the birds cannot land, and should not be any more than four inches above the edge (the tips of the rods should not be more than four inches above the platform) of the area you are trying to protect.

You may need to bend the rods down a little after taking them out of the box. The Daddi Long Legs can be screwed or glued in your application. This product must be installed where it is exposed to air flow – do not place in recessed areas or enclosed sites.


Determine exactly where the unit(s) should be placed. It is important that the rods extend out over the edge of the unit and touch each other if multiple Daddi Long Legs are being placed on the same platform.

Installation Using Screws

  1. Make sure you will not damage the equipment when drilling holes through it. Air conditioners and lights often have sensitive equipment near the surface. Look inside before drilling.
  2. Peel the paper off the adhesive gasket.
  3. Using a cordless screw driver, drive self-tapping screws through the three holes in the base. It’s that easy.

Installation Using Bird Barrier Bond*

The Delrin base of the Daddi Long Legs cannot be glued. You must use an intermediate PVC base adapter (available from Bird Barrier).

  1. Make sure the mounting surface is clean, and free of droppings, dust, peeling paint, rust, etc.
  2. Screw the Daddi Long Legs base to the PVC base adapter using the screws provided.
  3. Apply a zig-zag pattern of Bond to the bottom of the base (the bottom of the base is the side where the screw holes are very small).

* In general, one 3.75 oz. tube of bond will adhere about 10 PVC bases, while one 10.2 oz cartridge should cover about 30 bases.

Separating the Rod Cluster from the Spindle

You can remove the top of the unit for maintenance by giving it a quick tug. When re-installing the top, please make sure the grey plastic disk is pushed snugly up inside the top unit. Use a screwdriver to push it all the way up.

Download the Installation Instructions

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