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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Step 1: Moisten, Loosen Debris
Dried bird droppings will become airborne when disturbed (cleaned). It is important that they are wetted down to eliminate this risk. Wetting with a bactericide will kill the bacteria at the same time. With heavy accumulation it is necessary to wet down repeatedly.

Step 2: Scoop, Collect
It’s unlikely that large volumes of waste can simply be washed away; they need to be scooped up and removed in bags, and disposed of properly. Contact your local waste facility about the disposal of bird droppings.

Step 3: Wash
Once the majority of the waste is removed, the building surface can be washed with water, detergent and scrub brushes; or pressure washed. Use the Dissolve-It again, it’s a live enzyme that softens even the most stubborn waste.

Step 4: Sanitize
With all the waste now removed, and the building looking clean, it is recommended to finish the job properly by applying a bactericide that will sanitize the surfaces and leave a clean smell.

Step 5: Clean Around the Site
The building is clean, but the sidewalk’s a mess. Finish the job properly.

  2. Cleaning Supplies
    $118.00 - $382.00
    Dirty Bird
    Use Dirty Bird on any washable surface exposed to bird droppings, like roofs, gutters, ledges, awnings, chairs etc. It has been adapted to quickly break down and provide rapid organic waste removal including bird droppings. Dirty Bird can be used at 100% and is applied directly to the waste accumulation. Mix 1:4 ? 1 Gallon makes 5 gallons.
  3. Cleaning Supplies
    $27.50 - $127.35

    Dissolve-It breaks down bird droppings and eliminates odors. It allows for easy removal of stubborn, caked-on droppings. Simply mix Dissolve-It in a 1:1 ratio with water, saturate the target area and let the solution work for at least fifteen minutes.

    Solution can be applied with a hand sprayer. The residue will easily spray away with hose or power sprayer. Non-toxic, non-flammable and bio-degradable, plus it is USDA accepted, environmentally safe. It can be poured over piles of bird droppings, as well as into drains, trash cans, sewers and grease traps. Use at 1:1 spray mixture with water.

  4. Cleaning Supplies
    Repellent Gel Remover
    Repellant Gel Remover (1gal)
  5. Cleaning Supplies
    Microbial Bird Dropping Remover
    ProBlend Evo Multipurpose Cleaner (1gal)
  7. Cleaning Supplies
    16 oz. Pump Sprayer
    16 oz. Pump Sprayer
  8. Cleaning Supplies
    Adjustable Debris Removal Hook
    Adjustable Debris Removal Hook
  9. Cleaning Supplies
    Extension Pole for Nest Removal
    Extension Pole for Nest Removal
  10. Cleaning Supplies
  11. Cleaning Supplies
    Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor
    Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor
  13. Cleaning Supplies
    Natural Boars Hair Brush
    12" Natural Boars Hair Brush
  14. Cleaning Supplies
    16 in Natural Boars Hair Brush
    16" Natural Boars Hair Brush
  15. Cleaning Supplies
    31 ft Carbon Fiber Water-fed Pole
    31' Carbon Fiber Water-fed Pole
  16. Cleaning Supplies
    53 ft Carbon Fiber Water-Fed Pole
    53' Carbon Fiber Water-Fed Pole
  17. Cleaning Supplies
    6x9 in White Pad
    6x9" White Pad
  18. Cleaning Supplies
    Caddy 8-gallon Pump
    Caddy 8-gallon Pump
  19. Cleaning Supplies
    Euro Pad Holder
    Euro Pad Holder
  20. Cleaning Supplies
    Europ Threaded Pole Tip
    Europ Threaded Pole Tip
  21. Cleaning Supplies
    Large Bucket with Handle
    Large Bucket with Handle
  22. Cleaning Supplies
    Microfiber Polish Pad
    Microfiber Polish Pad
  23. Cleaning Supplies
    Microfiber Wash Pad
    Microfiber Wash Pad
  24. Cleaning Supplies
    Over-the-Top Fan Spray
    Over-the-Top Fan Spray
  25. Cleaning Supplies
    Pad Holder/Doodlebug
    Pad Holder Threaded Socket(No Pads)
  26. Cleaning Supplies
    Pump Sprayer (Small)
    Pump Sprayer (Small)
  27. Cleaning Supplies
    Reach Around Adapter
    Reach Around Adapter
  28. Cleaning Supplies
    White Scrub Pad
    White Scrub Pad