The Results are In!


1. Cimi-Shield residues affect the ability of bed bugs to actively walk or move after about 72 hours of exposure.

2. Aging of Cimi-Shield residues for 1- to 3-months slightly lowers its speed of kill, however, 83-87% bed bug mortality (by day 14) is still achievable.

3. Although Cimi-Shield is a 25 (b) category natural product that is exempt from EPA registration, it displays very high residual efficacy against bed bugs.

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Ameya D. Gondhalekar; PhD, · Department of Entomology ·  Purdue University

Real Nanotechnology in Action

The World's First 52 Week Residual Formula

• Shown above are the porous barrel-like containers that store the formula for future introductions.
• Bed bugs disturb these jagged reservoirs and then parish.

Goes Where Bugs Are
• From pillows to teddy bears, use this long-term solution on the most important places.
• An excellent augmentation to heat, freezing or fumigation.

Exempt from EPA Registration Under FIFRA 25(b)
• Cimi-Shield is crib-to-carpet safe.
• Its "mechanical" rather than "chemical" method makes this possible.
• Active Ingredient: Derived from Soybean Oil · 0.78%.


• Knock-Out's dual-action kills now and stays in place for up to 52 weeks as the longest-lasting residual product available for fabrics and fibers of all types.
• Protect single-action stays in place for 52 weeks and is stored for release upon contact from future bed bug visitors.
• Both kill by removing bed bugs’ waxy outer layer mechanically.
• Both derived from soybean oil as a non-toxic solution that will not harm the environment.
• Completely safe for full contact with infants and pets.
• Fast-acting on pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs.
• Odorless & non-staining.
• Travel-friendly.
• Ready-to-use.
• Independently lab tested.
• Meets FIFRA 25(b) guidelines to be “Generally Regarded As Safe”.
• Also Wipes Out Carpet Beetles, Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Millipedes and Centipedes when properly applied.

  1. $315.00

    Cimi-Shield® Knock-Out

    Kills on contact with an over-saturation of the active ingredient while leaving behind a 365-day family-safe barrier for future bed bug introduction.

  2. $215.00

    Cimi-Shield® Protect

    Guard unaffected areas & furnishings from first-time bed bug introduction for 365 days. Contains just the right amount to ready the porous carriers.

  3. $55.10
    1-Gallon Sprayer