Tree-Shock Bird Repellent Product Overview

Tree-Shock Overview

Tree-Shock Repels Birds from BranchesThere is nothing worse than a tree full of squawking, mess-making birds. Very often, the problem is so pervasive that property owners actually chop the tree down. Now, there is an attractive, effective, long-lasting solution that actually conditions the birds to leave the protected tree for good. The Tree-Shockâ„¢ system is the solution property owners have been asking for.

Tree-Shock Is Most Effective at Repelling Larger Birds

Most birds roost on the sturdier limbs of a tree, but lighter birds may roost on the twigs at the outer extremities. Larger birds, like grackles and pigeons, will be easier to repel than smaller birds like sparrows because they can perch on very thin twigs. Most, if not all, birds will leave the tree if enough roosting limbs are protected with the Tree-Shockâ„¢ system.

Thin Tree Branches Before Installing Tree-Shock Bird Control

Overgrown trees should be thinned out by a professional, then protected with the Tree-Shock™ system. Thinned trees are less hospitable to birds, and it’s easier to install as most of the very thin branches will have been removed.

How Tree-Shock Deters Pest Birds

Birds that are shocked are extremely unlikely to return to the same tree, even when the foliage fills back in.
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