The Details of StealthNet's® Material Composition

StealthNet is manufactured using the most advanced technology in the world. Doing so has made StealthNet able to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. Polyethyleye is the most ultra-violet-resistant netting material available. To maximize the effects of the protection, we have gone one step further and increased various levels of these stabilizers, each to their maximum inclusion, thus creating a very durable and long-lasting net.

· Six strands of polyethylene.

· Each strand is 12/1000 in. (hence the name 12/6).

· Wrapped rope-like into one strong protected twine.

· A breaking strength of 52 lbs. per twisted strand. All strands are knotted.

· StealthNet is the strongest polyethylene netting available in the world.

· Rotting will not occur as StealthNet is made to not retain water.

· StealthNet’s U.V.-treatment and color pigmentation treatments are embedded in the composition (not just dipped), making the net more resistant to the effects of the sun with a more consistent coloring throughout.

· Flame-Resistant bird netting is available.

Our flame-resistant netting called No-Flame StealthNet conforms to NFPA 701 which states that the net is self-extinguishing (it will put itself out after being exposed to an open flame). This net is ideal for interior applications like airplane hangers, sports facilities and other sensitive areas. It's also a great fit for residential settings like condos and apartment buildings. No-Flame StealthNet is distinguished by a blue strand twisted with the black strands.

· Bat Netting

Special knotted netting just for bats. Our ⅜" polyethylene knotted mesh is ideal for all bat species and is far stronger than other nets available. This can be found here. The black mono-filament withstands UV radiation extremely well and is very hard to see when installed in shadowy areas. Another great feature is its large sizes available. These sizes make bat exclusion much easier as fewer net combinations need to be joined via seaming the net edges together keeping all tiny bats safely held and moved.

· Ultra StealthNet

Be careful. Even you as the installer will run face-first into this net if it is head high. Ultra is The Most Invisible Netting in the World. We came up with this design for those tough cases where looks were more important than longevity. However, during the first production, many of what makes the original StealthNet work with such strength transferred quite well into this new product.

First let us tell you that it, too, is under a 10 year warranty just like the other black netting we manufacture. But furthermore Ultra StealthNet, like its 16% thicker brother, Standard StealthNet and its 11% thicker sister Heavy Duty StealthNet, Ultra StealthNet is stronger than, at least, its bother Standard. That's impressive. However Heavy Duty Sis is smiling as the strongest netting we make.

Oh, and on a final note, a small yet sleek fact about the fine weight of Ultra is that it's much less wind resistant. This should sound good if audible background noise is a concern.

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