Sparrow Trap Door: Trap Door

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Our popular indoor trap – the Sparrow Trap Door – simulates a bird feeder to attract small birds like sparrows, starlings, grackles and more.

Simply bait the rear of the trap and set it out where birds can spot the trap and bait. The discrete, solid walled design is humane, safe and hygienic – all mess is contained inside with a bottom hatch for easy cleanout. Mount trap on shelving or hang from above – the Trap Door trap comes complete with hanger and rear adapter for extension pole mounting. When the lid is down you have caught a bird!

You can use many types of bait such as bread and bird seed to draw the bird in to feed depending on the type of bird you are targeting. We’ve heard of success using French fries, meal worms, crickets, melon pieces, and even a piece of tomato!“ – Happy Customer

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