Rat-Out Gel

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A non-toxic, green rodent repellent that excludes or re-routes rats, mice, squirrels, gophers and other mammals. Rat-Out Gel is changing rodent control. It is an instant “off-switch” for rodent activity. Exclusion jobs can be done on the spot, and trapping and baiting programs can be reinforced with Rat-Out Gel. Rat-Out’s garlic smell deters rodents before they touch it. If they do contact it, they do not like the feel of it.
As seen in the New York Times article,

“Why So Many Cars Have Rats in Them Now”

Aug. 3, 2022

A quote from a mechanic in the New York area said, “Credit…Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times

See the article here.

Photo: Example of rat damage in a vehicle’s engine compartment. White ripped wire and clawed black cap.

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